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Every air conditioner is different and making the decision to repair your current system or replace is completely up to the individual. We’ve put together a small list of issues that can be repaired by a qualified technician, before taking the plunge of an upgrade.

You're Home Is Not as Comfortable

Is your unit not operating as it used to? There are a number of reasons why your air conditioner is not performing to its capacity / design.

Give our team a call as these issues can be addressed by an ARC-licensed technician but it’s important to discontinue use until you’ve had a technician look at your unit.

Your AC Needs Major Components Repaired

Major repairs can become expensive if you need to purchase replacement parts consider the cost of labour to repair.

Our team will often give you advice if it is more economical to repair or replace based on your individual circumstances.

Your AC Uses Old Refrigerant

Refrigerants have changed. Older air conditioning units use refrigerants that are being phased out due to environmental regulations.

This makes some gases very expensive, making some repairs not cost effective.

If you’re hearing noises from your air conditioning unit that weren’t there before, it could indicate a number of things. Such as; the fan isn’t working as it should, a part has become loose or the mechanics are dirty and clogging up.

AC Is Making Weird Noises and Smells

A simple maintenance clean and checkup will tell you all you need to know and some repairs can be made on the spot.

However, if there is a strange smell coming from the unit, this is cause for urgent attention. Smells can be caused from mould in the system or refrigerant leaks. We would recommend turning the system off and calling one of our team to come and inspect.

Repair Vs Replacing

As a general rule of thumb, the older the unit, the more you’ll be paying in maintenance and repairs. Always take into consideration the costs of the repairs and compare it to a quote of an upgraded unit. Our team can help advise on your next service or breakdown.

If the unit has passed its serviceable life (12-13 years) and the repair costs are more than 33% of a replacement, then it would be a better choice to replace rather than repair.

Get Specialist Advice From AC Experts

At NB Trades and Services, we provide full repair and maintenance capabilities across a huge range of air conditioning units and brands.

Before you make your final decision about investing in repairs or upgrading, speak to one of our technicians who specialise in knowing air conditioning systems inside and out.