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NB Trades and Services provide effective refrigeration maintenance solutions for all your current cooling systems. Using our experience and expertise we can readily see any faults or breakdowns impacting the functionality of your cold rooms, freezers, ice machines or mechanical ventilation.

By predicting problem areas and working proactively to restore function to your given system sooner rather than later, we guarantee  value and reliability with every repair service we carry out.

Preventative Professional Care Service

We start by quickly and effectively addressing any obvious initial problems detected by either you or us. All fixes are geared toward restoring or improving the pre-existing level of normal functionality for as long as is mechanically possible.


Once the initial problem has been solved, we take the time to carry out a thorough assessment of the system in question, double-checking it for any other faults or future issues. All aspects of your cold room, freezer or exhaust system will be inspected, ensuring that no faults or breakdowns are looming around the corner.


When done, we provide you with a detailed yet easy-to-follow report covering all fixes applied and potential faults found. With this in hand you will be better able to plan out a preferred maintenance schedule and be clear on the expected lifespan of the system itself.

When the standard options aren’t enough give NB Trades and Services a call to discuss your custom needs.