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LED lights are becoming increasingly popular these days. People derive benefits from using these lights; otherwise, they would not grow so much in popularity. Some benefits of using led lights include their long lifespan, energy efficiency, and low maintenance requirements.

Therefore, it is for good reasons many people have already or are considering switching to LED lights. Buying these lights is good, but you need to find out who can help you properly install them, which you will find out in this article.

How LED Lights Work and Why They Are Used

There are light-emitting diodes in LED lights that produce light for illumination. This is beneficial because they are more energy-efficient this way and can last longer than the traditional incandescent bulbs, which many people are accustomed to.

As a result of the benefits people stand to derive from their usage, LED lights have become really popular in recent years. You will find them in homes and commercial buildings, and they are also used for outdoor lighting.

Why Find the Right People to Install LED Lights?

Many people are now drawn to the fact that there are several benefits to be enjoyed from LED lights. However, these lights must be installed appropriately to enjoy light supply efficiently and for safety reasons.

There are potential risks that can come from improper installation, which is another reason you need to find the right person to install LED lights for you if you plan to have them.

Different Ways to Install LED Lights

You can have your LED lights installed through different approaches, and it will be up to you to go with what you consider best for you. Obviously, there are different implications that follow whatever approach you decide to go with.

To get LED lights installation done correctly, the most qualified people for this task are licensed electricians. This is because they have had the necessary training and expertise to ensure the LED lights are safely and efficiently installed.

Only licensed electricians possess enough experience to enable them to get LED lights installed. Handymen cannot install LED lights in Australia as they don’t possess the same standard of expertise or training as licensed electricians.

Can I Install LED Lights Myself?

If you are considering installing LED lighting in your home or office with the DIY route, this is illegal in Australia and should never be attempted. Always consult a qualified electrician to install your LED lights, as it is an extremely dangerous task if you are not fully trained and experienced in electrical circuits.

Installing LED lights yourself is illegal in Australia and potentially dangerous to yourself, and the occupants of the residence. Homeowners who try to do the installation themselves lack proper knowledge or experience in electrical work and run the risk of electrocution, and even death.

Benefits of Hiring an Electrician to Install LED Lights

You have taken the right step by choosing to invest in LED lights for your home, but you should not throw caution to the wind when installing these lights. Electricians do more than install downlights, LED strip lights, and ceiling fans for you. By hiring a qualified electrician to get the job done, there are some benefits you can look forward to enjoying.


When you hire an electrician, you can have reasonable assurance the LED lights will be installed safely and correctly. This is important because you want to reduce the risk of an electrical fire outbreak or shock.


Having the right experience equips the installer to install the LED lights in the most efficient and effective way.

Compliance with regulations

Since licensed electricians are trained, they can understand and follow electrical codes and regulations. This helps them to ensure that the installation process is carried out in total compliance with the regulations in their industry.


Professional installations carried out by electricians will often come with warranties. This gives their clients assurance and relative peace of mind and protection should there be issues afterwards.


Hiring a licensed electrician to install your LED lights will require paying for their services. This should not discourage you if you are interested in high-quality service because it is an investment you will enjoy.

Such a service could save you from the unnecessary expenditure you may have to deal with in reinstallation expenses caused by hiring unqualified people.

Steps in Installing LED Lights

There are steps that need to be taken before LED lights are installed. This is why it is in your interest to seek only qualified electricians to install them for you.

Inspection and planning

It is necessary for the electrician to come around and make an assessment of the wiring and circuitry. This is necessary to determine the best way to install the LED lights and ascertain if the existing wiring can work with the new lights.

Wiring and circuitry

The electrician may have to install new wiring and circuitry. This is sometimes necessary to ensure that the lights function correctly after installation.

Fixture installation

Some fixtures work with the lighting and need to be installed properly. It is part of the electrician's duty to get these fixtures installed properly by attaching and aligning them correctly.

Testing and cleanup

After the LED lights have been installed, the electrician will have to test them and confirm that they are working as they should. The installation process could cause littering in the surroundings, and the electrician tidies up the area before leaving.

DIY Installation of LED Lights Is Illegal

While you may find the prospect of carrying out the installation of your LED lights yourself tempting, you must be aware of the danger involved. You need to be a qualified electrician and install the lights properly to avoid having electrical fires or shocks in your home.

As a homeowner, if you choose to install LED lights by yourself, you risk your life and the property by attempting a task you are not qualified for. A DIY installation runs the risk of electrical fire outbreaks or shock in your home, office, or wherever you try the installation.

Qualified electrical contractors are the only people allowed to install LED lighting in Australia. They are appropriately kitted and protected by wearing gloves and other protective gear.

With all electrical work, professionals in different fields require equipment and tools. Only qualified electricians have the right tools for installing LED lights because they have been trained for years and can ensure it is properly done.

Find a Trustworthy and Experienced Electrician

You may be convinced now that you need a qualified electrician to install LED lights in your home. Before you seal any deal with anyone for the task, you want to ensure that the person you hire is qualified. One way to confirm is by requesting to see their licence and verify their qualifications.

In addition to ensuring your electrician has a licence, asking what other clients say about them can be helpful. You can get to know this by checking for reviews online about the electrician you want to hire, as there is a pretty good chance past clients will leave their reviews.

In the contract you draw up with your electrician, do not overlook the need for a warranty, regardless of the glowing reviews you read. You may just need to have them back to correct some issues you may discover later. This should not be difficult to get from your electrician, especially if the one you contacted is trustworthy and ready to deliver good service.