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Enduring the seasonal heat waves is undoubtedly not the way to enjoy life. In fact, sitting in front of an old noisy air conditioning unit that is probably hungry for energy will not get any better.

With ducted air conditioning, it is possible to keep several rooms at a suitable temperature during the winter and summer seasons. People have found this efficient, and the approach makes for a quiet environment.

In addition, if you understand how ducted aircon works and how you may use it effectively, it can go a long way in improving your livelihood and quarterly bills.

How Ducted Air Conditioning Works

A lot of professionals get asked by their clients how ducted air conditioning works. The way ducted air conditioners create excellent airflow wherever they are installed makes them unique.

This cool airflow is made possible with the aid of compressor condensing units placed somewhere outside the house. The air conditioning system is then attached to an inside fan coil unit, usually placed somewhere in the roof cavity of the home.

A network of ducts runs through the building, delivering cooled air through a group of outlets in the different zones. It is more common nowadays to refer to ducted air conditioners as ducted reverse cycle air conditioners. This is because you can also use them to warm homes during cold periods like the winter.

Ducted Air Con For Cooling Or Heating Your Home

You may have also wondered how a single sizeable ducted air conditioner can be efficiently used to cool a whole home. The answer to this is plausible. The option of using an intelligent zone inverter ducted air conditioning system allows you to adjust the cooling in each zone in your home.

This way, all the areas within your home that you use often can be kept cool while the ducted air conditioning system can be turned off in the other zones in the house. Another benefit of the ducted air conditioning system is that it does not give the usual disturbing noise known with other types of air conditioners.

Since the compressor is placed outside the home while the fan is tucked away somewhere in the ceiling space, you can get the quietness you seek in your home. You would not need to worry about the usual but overwhelming noise produced by the old-style package air conditioner units.

How To Install A Ducted Aircon

Some older homes in Australia do not have pre-installed ductwork. However, this is important for linking into the ducted air conditioning system. The contractors will have to install the ductwork in such a case, the condensing or compressor unit, and the indoor coil.

Professionals that are given the installation contract will need to design the operating system in a way that it will work seamlessly with the home setup. This is what makes designating zoned cooling possible.

As there are different types of ducted systems, the contractors must decide what will work best to provide an effective cooling system for your home.

Reasons To Use A Ducted Air Conditioning System

It is not uncommon to see people living in residential buildings use ducted centralised conditioning systems. For one, this air conditioning system makes for a better interior aesthetic. The diffusers and grilles are not in the open but remain hidden because they are designed to remain flush with the floor or the ceiling. This creates a clean and pleasant look within the building.

Apart from this, you can use a ducted system for cooling and heating the entire home with a centralised air handler. This is because the duct can be extended to all the rooms within the building. You may see better aesthetics in commercial buildings where ducted systems are used, but in most cases, they are used because of the high cooling power required in such structures.

If ductless air conditioners are installed in these buildings, too many air conditioners will be required. The resultant effect is that there would be too many to maintain, and you would spend a lot of money on maintenance costs.

It has been discovered that most times, the use of ducted air conditioners is inevitable where the cooling requirement is above the capacity of ductless air conditioners. In most cases, ductless mini split system air conditioners work at the maximum power of 24,000 BTU of cooling capacity. Therefore, commercial buildings have no choice but to use ducted air conditioners.

The Benefits Of Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

While it is known that a ducted air conditioning system is more complex and expensive, it nonetheless has some greater benefits over the other types of air conditioning systems.

A single ductwork can cool or heat your space

The furnace works with a centralised heating system and uses ductwork to distribute warmed air. A ducted air conditioner can use this same ductwork to distribute cooled air. In other words, where a furnace is preferred over heat pumps and electric space heaters, a combination of the furnace and a ducted air conditioner can be cost-effective.

Centralised control and monitor

By default, a ducted air conditioning system is centralised unless you choose to use multiple smaller-capacity ducted units. This means there would be one display controller for switching on or off the system, controlling the temperature, creating schedules, and other things for the whole house.

Diffusers and grilles can be used for interior aesthetics

With the design of ducted air conditioning systems, diffusers, grilles, or vents remain hidden from the public eye. They stay flush with the floor or ceiling. This in itself gives a more elegant and luxurious feel to the house. If you utilise a ducted air conditioning system, the air conditioners will not be visible, which should give a nice and clean look to the interior of your house.

High-grade filters produce improved indoor air quality

Several ducted air conditioners make upgrading their filters to higher-grade filters possible. Examples of such filters include HEPA filters and pocket filters. For those who are asthmatic, allergic, or have sensitive noses, these high-grade filters can help them improve the quality of their living environment. Ductless mini split and some other types cannot use such high-grade filters.

Maintenance Of Ducted Air Conditioners

Different air conditionings offer different values relative to the needs of people who want them. However, the need for regular servicing is common to all of them so they can maintain optimal performance and reliability. As regards the issue of maintenance, professionals need to go through a longer checklist.

Filter replacement

There are washable plastic mesh filters in ductless mini split air cons, which can be used repeatedly. Cotton filters are used in the case of ducted air conditioners, and there is a limit to how and the number of times you can wash them.

Some manufacturers recommend replacing these filters with new ones after they have been washed three times. Where pocket filters or HEPA filters are used, they will have to be replaced as they are not washable.

Coil cleaning work

As with the other air conditioners, you must clean the evaporator and condenser coil at least once each year. In fact, in the case of ducted air conditioners, the cleaning frequency should depend on the condition, even though the air filters are cleaned regularly.

Get Expert Installation By A Professional

Buying a ducted air conditioner system is a huge decision. The average cost of having this system stands at around AUD 10,000-$12,000. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to do whatever makes you feel comfortable at home and in your workspace.

However, you must do due diligence before investing in a large home cooling appliance that demands a large amount of money. As such, you need to get an expert installation from a professional AC Company. These people know where to get quality brands and can help you get real value from your investment in a ducted air conditioning system.