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If you have been enjoying using an air conditioner in your home or office for any length of time, you may find it frustrating if it fails to work for a day under hot weather. This is probably why many believe that air conditioning problems occur at the most inappropriate times.

This doesn't have anything to do with the type you are using. So, whether using a split system or ducted air conditioner, you could still face this dilemma. It is, therefore, not uncommon to find faulty or old AC systems getting pushed beyond their capabilities on exceptionally balmy days.

If not for anything else, you need to have a properly working air conditioner for your family's health and comfort. While this sounds straightforward, many people cannot tell what this entails or when to call on professionals to assist them until their air conditioning units stop working.

How To Know When To Service Your Air Conditioner

The best way to ensure your air conditioner works correctly for a long time is to ensure you keep a regular AC maintenance service routine. Many costly AC repair services can be avoided if minor issues are identified early before they become big problems.

By becoming familiar with the telltale signs that precede the state of disrepair of any air conditioning unit, you will be able to keep it working for a long time without issues. The following are some of the top signs that can help you in this regard:

Blows warm air instead of cold air

No one person buys an AC unit to have it stay idle and become another piece of furniture in the house. The air conditioning system you purchased has a specific job: ensuring your family is comfortable during the hot summer weather.

While you go through the sweltering months of the year, what can make it less problematic is to ensure your air conditioner is working correctly. What you expect from it is refreshingly cold air, but if, on the other hand, you get warm air instead, you should contact an HVAC technician.

Thermostat fails to work

The air conditioner's thermostat serves as the command centre of the entire system. It communicates with the air conditioner and lets it know the amount of cold air required to be generated.

To do its job correctly, it also takes measurements. Suppose your air conditioner was running for short periods before it shuts itself off or failed to turn on again. In that case, the thermostat is probably failing to determine whether the system is operating or not.

If you encounter this problem, you need to contact a trained HVAC specialist to help you examine the situation because there are too many complex electrical components involved.

Little air is released through vents

Weak air flow is similar to the issue of warm air problems in air conditioners. You may feel cool air release once your air conditioner is turned on. However, if it is released weakly, it will be impossible to circulate cold air around the room.

When this happens, it often indicates a failing compressor, but it could also be a sign that the ducts are failing. Since there is uncertainty with this kind of issue, the best solution is to contact a professional for a tune-up. When these trained experts come around, they should be able to identify which of these is the real problem and also fix it for you.

Audible noise inside the unit

Another sign your air conditioner needs urgent repair is when you hear an audible grinding, scraping, or squeaking noise. The noise could result from a problem with a belt getting dislodged or being out of place within the unit.

The best thing to do at this point is to switch it off and contact an HVAC expert to attend to it immediately. Doing so on time can save you from costly damages to the other parts of the appliance.

Offensive odours when turned on

Your air conditioner is not supposed to give off any offensive odour, but if it does, then there is a problem somewhere. The situation could mean a burned-out wire within the unit, especially if you perceive a pungent smell.

If you perceive a musty smell, it could be because mould grows within the unit or in the ductwork. A professional must find out about this quickly because it can make you and your family fall sick if it is not addressed quickly.

Frequent problems with your AC

When air conditioners require repair service at least three or more times over the past few months, it could be a sure sign that they need to be replaced. Going for repairs at this stage may not produce much better results because there is a good chance the issues will resurface again. So to avoid wasting time and money, what is recommended is to buy a new unit to replace the old faulty air conditioner immediately.

Does not expel humidity appropriately

An AC is expected to reduce the amount of humidity present within the space where it is installed. Even with a low-humidity climate, the air is expected to keep a small amount of moisture. Where there is exceptionally high humidity in your home or office when the air conditioner has been turned on, it may be time to call the experts for servicing.

Freon or water leaks around the unit

Once you observe that there is any form of moisture leak in or around your AC system, it tells of a problem or an impending one. It could be an indication that the refrigerant is leaking.

The liquid Freon is poisonous, so you want to call a professional to attend to it on time. If the case is not severe, the moisture could be from a blocked or broken tube that lets out condensation.

The issue can present itself in more than one form. While in some cases, water may begin to leak from the HVAC system, in others, ice may start to form inside the AC unit on the copper refrigerant lines that are found around the condenser. Whichever way it manifests, it is a warning that the system needs servicing.

Sharp increase in electric bills

Another way you would know that your AC system needs repairs or replacement could be through a steady rise in your energy bill when you don't have extra usage. This problem may be caused by a broken thermostat switch, elevated air conditioner age, or leakages from the system's ductwork. Whatever may be responsible for the issue would necessitate servicing the system.

AC lifespan is exceeded

If your air conditioning system is already above ten years old, it may have seen the best of times, and you should be thankful for this. There may be no better time to start shopping for another one than now because air conditioners generally do not last more than ten years.

Contact A Professional HVAC Technician

While these are signs your air conditioner needs servicing, you do not have to wait until you begin seeing them before you take the maintenance of your air conditioner seriously. In fact, you will be better off not seeing these signs than waiting for them to occur because damages that will cost you more to repair may occur in the process.

Meanwhile, you can save yourself from additional repair costs that come in the form of repairing damaged AC unit components if you maintain a good servicing routine for your air conditioners.

Contacting a professional HVAC technician can go a long way in saving you from harm or unnecessary costs, which is why it is never advisable to attempt carrying out the repairs yourself.