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Home air conditioning systems keep our homes pleasant to live in all year round. If you’re not happy with the performance of your home cooling and heating system it might be time to have a professional air conditioning company like NB Trades and Services assess and advise if your unit is past the point of repair.

This blog contains some great things our team will consider if you've been thinking it might be time to upgrade.

Energy Efficiency

Regardless of how well you maintain your air conditioning unit, sooner or later it will lose its energy efficiency and begin costing you more.

As well as keeping temperature levels consistent and improving air quality, new units will save you cash when compared with your old unit. According to some manufacturers such as Daikin, who when comparing 10 year old models, found the new systems up to 46% more efficient. This means the cost to run a new unit would be substantially less than continuing to use your old system.

Therefore by investing in a new air conditioner system, you can save significantly on each energy bill even to the point of covering the expense of your new unit!


Innovation and technological advances have been occurring at an unparalleled speed in recent years. This means air conditioning units have evolved and improved, so if your installation is over 10 years old its performance might not be as good as newer equipment.

The technology offered today is designed to last longer and require less maintenance over its lifetime. The investment in a new unit will pay for itself in lower maintenance and running and repair costs alone.


Age can eventually catch up to any air conditioner and it will simply not run as well. At a point replacing parts to keep your old system running is no longer cost effective. Even a good air conditioning system that has been well maintained and looked after has a lifespan of around 12-15 years.

No matter how responsible you are with your maintenance schedule, all mechanical products will eventually need to be replaced. However, if your system hasn’t been maintained and cleaned regularly over it’s life this means it has been forced to work harder which could have reduced the lifespan significantly.

If you want to know the age of your system, there will be a manufacturing date on the side of your unit.

If you are renovating, selling or simply working on improving the look and style of your home you should also consider switching your air conditioning to a less noticeable and more stylish option.

That New Look

Split systems are now smaller, more pleasing to the eye and available in a wide variety of colours that can better suit your décor.

Alternatively, there are many vented and in-wall devices that are barely visible and run quietly. An added bonus of modern control systems is that they are easy to use and have convenient Wi-Fi control.

Ready to Upgrade?

There are plenty of reasons for upgrading and there is no better time than the present.

Talk to one of our team members at NB Trades and Services today to learn about the latest technology available and to get a quote on upgrading your air conditioning system.