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Summer heat and humidity can make anyone uncomfortable if it is not controlled. Therefore, your need for a cooling system, such as an air conditioning system, is understandable. However, there is more to having an air conditioner in your home than you may realise. This is because there are many factors that you will need to put into consideration.

Since there are different types, you should know what will serve you best. Although ducted air conditioners are common, a recent survey shows some basic information about these air conditioners that many people don't know yet.

The General Design Of A Ducted Air Conditioner

Ducted air conditioning is often called the central air-con, and it operates a system where you can efficiently heat your entire home or workspace with a single unit. You can connect each room through a system of ducts hidden in the roof space from the indoor unit.

Hot or cold air is sent into the home via the outdoor unit, and the indoor forces the same air down the ducts so that it can be heated up or cooled. The whole space's temperature is controlled, so you get the desired level of warmth in each room.

How A Ducted Air Conditioner Works

With ducted air conditioning, you have absolute climate control. This is perhaps because those who have tried it out would want nothing else. If you choose not to limit your choice to the heating-only or cooling-only option, you can get an excellent thermal comfort experience.

This is made possible with the reverse-cycle ducted system of the air conditioner. A more technical inspection of the system shows that a ducted air conditioner works by channelling cool air through a central unit usually installed on the roof. The channelled air gets to every room via a series of ducts.

The circulation of air is typically zoned, allowing you the chance to control the temperature, airflow, and the number of zones you want to be cooled or heated. Zoning will help you lower the running costs while ensuring optimal inside temperature throughout the year.

If you want an unobtrusive cooling and heating system in your home or workspace, then ducted air conditioning may be the right choice. This type of air conditioner can work with buildings of just about any size, from small-sized bedroom apartments to mansions or storey buildings.

As a result of the features this type of air conditioning has, there is a great demand for it in the market. For one, it is super-quiet when in operation, and it offers a smooth distribution of air, creating complete home climate control in a single compact unit.

How Ducted Air Conditioning Achieves High Results

Since the working parts of the system of a ducted air conditioner are located either in the roof or outside the building, it can give a quiet and smooth operation. The air the system releases gently circulates in the spaces connected to a system of ducts.

These ducts are placed in the ceiling with vents or outlets strategically positioned throughout the house. Zone control systems have been worked into the indoor unit, and they determine where the air conditioner goes.

This allows you to turn off areas that are not used so you can cut down on energy wastage. The flexibility to alter the temperature in the different areas of your home ensures that everyone within the building can remain comfortably cool or warm.

Ducted Air Conditioning's Suitability For Different Use

Before considering buying or getting a ducted air conditioning system installed, you must review some critical aspects of your home.

Some of these aspects include:

  • The type of home construction you have
  • The floor plan
  • The primary purpose for each area of the house

Keep in mind that you are planning to put in place a central climate control; therefore, it is recommended to use a ducted system:

  • If you want a system that warms or cools your entire home.
  • If you would like to have control over the temperature room-by-room.
  • If you would prefer to have a balanced air distribution in your home during hot days.

The Benefits Of Ducted Air Conditioning

Entire home heating and cooling

You can connect to every workplace or home space with a single ducted air conditioning system. This means with a single remote control system, you can control the temperature of all the rooms in your home. You can easily control the cooling and heating, and you will only need to install one system to achieve this. 

Maintains a low-profile look

For many people, the look and feel of their space is a top priority. The ducted air con may be your best option if this is how you feel. The indoor unit is installed within a given space on your roof, and the stylish low-profile design of the other parts makes the entire system blend with your décor.

Quiet operation

A sound air conditioning system needs to be felt and not heard. This is one of the reasons the ducted air con is the perfect choice for many people. You can easily manipulate the speed of the fans and have it quiet while enjoying your preferred temperature.

Increases the property's value

Getting ducted air conditioners is becoming increasingly accessible as they are affordable for most people. Despite this, they are seen as a luxury item by many people. Installing a ducted air con in your house increases its perceived value and greatly impresses prospective buyers should the home get listed.   

It is cheaper to install in some cases

While one may say that split system air units are great, if you consider cooling and heating several rooms within a space, you will see that it quickly adds up. Installing several units simultaneously can be quite expensive, but with a ducted air con, you will not need to take on this additional expense.

Its efficiency

Ducted air conditioning systems usually come off as being more efficient in cooling or heating large rooms or several rooms while you save some money. This is particularly true if you use the zoning functions that come with the air conditioning system.

In many places, ducted air conditioning is seen as the gold standard for quality air conditioning due to its efficiency. If you need to heat or cool an ample space, you can rest assured that a suitable inverter ducted air conditioning system will serve you well.

It helps to protect your family's health

This may be seen in most air conditioners, especially those operating a reverse-cycle air-conditioning system. Ducted air conditioners remove moisture from the air while allowing you to control the temperature of your space. This is particularly beneficial to asthmatic patients, children, elderly people, and those whose immune systems have been compromised.

Marathon runner

If you service your ducted air conditioner regularly, nothing stops you from using it for 15 years or more. Regular air conditioner servicing helps ensure you enjoy maximum satisfaction with minimal complaints from your air conditioner.

The Disadvantages Of Using Ducted AC

Installation cost

If you have to install separate units in a split system of air conditioning, the installation cost can be discouraging compared to the cost of installing a ducted air conditioner. However, the cost of installing a single split system air conditioner is lower than a ducted air conditioner, but you may still feel the pinch a little.

It would help if you planned through

Special attention must be given to details and specificity when planning a ducted air conditioner installation. Where the grills and registers are placed has much to do if you are interested in efficient and optimal performance. If the planning is not done adequately, you will likely spend more time and money to make corrections and adjustments later.

Ducted AC may be suitable for specific houses

Using a ducted air conditioner may be significantly influenced by the ceiling cavity, type of house construction, and outdoor area size. From the preceding, some houses are unsuitable for using a ducted air conditioner. If you need to ascertain if your building is suitable, you may need to contact professionals to come around for a quick inspection.  

They require experts for optimal performance

Ducted air conditioner systems are different from split systems in several respects. Always use the right parts when having your ducted systems repaired. This type of repair usually calls for the services of experts in this field. A similar process is what is seen with energy efficiency.

Ducted air conditioners are expected to exceed Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) set by Australian legislation regarding energy efficiency. If you need more control, you can add sensors, as this will create room for complete and separate room temperature control.

Speak To An Air Con Professional 

You may have found yourself at a crossroads and are undecided as to whether you should buy ducted air conditioning. Therefore, you need to first identify your needs and see if this type of air conditioner fits the bill. If that doesn't work or you are still confused, then it may be time for you to speak to a professional who can help you with advice specific to what can give you satisfaction.

An example is a need for ducts with the highest thermal "R" rating quality. This class of ducts will offer long-term insulation for your duct air conditioning system when installed. As such, it is within your heating and cooling interests to purchase a ducted air conditioning system that meets the highest quality rating. In doing so, you can be sure that you are purchasing a strong system that will last a long time.